Automotive laser etching

Automotive laser etching

We are well established suppliers of laser marking equipment for everything from Formula 1 to high volume car components and have a great deal of experience within the automotive sector. Therefore we are extremely confident we can supply examples for almost any case use of car part laser etching. Tamper-proof traceability & identification is an integral part of the automotive manufacturing sector and every vehicle will contain hundred’s, even thousands of laser marked components. Our lasers are suited to almost every component within this industry and if you cannot see a suitable system through Needham Laser, we can tailor bespoke solutions and provide a variety of brands, including our own. Whether it be engine or exhaust components, safety systems, electronic systems, structural metal, PCB’s to plastic mouldings our laser marking systems can offer significant gains over conventional systems. Our main product line are MOPA fiber laser based, therefore possess a lower overall cost of ownership, they are much more environmentally friendly, require little or no-maintenance and can be very easily automated. In addition to this, the ability to mark either serialized or variable data transmitted in real-time makes this the ideal choice for car manufacturers.

Vehicle Component Identification Marking Systems

We pride ourselves on providing the best-in-class laser marking systems, designed for the most demanding environments:

  • Many of our systems feature high powered MOPA Fiber Laser Engines. Not only does this mean their lifespan is far greater than other lasers on the market but also this provides you a high peak power, extremely quick processing times and grants maximum application flexibility.
  • Mark Text, Graphics, Barcodes, 2D, UID, Matrix, QR codes and more onto car parts with industry-leading accuracy.
  • Incredibly simple setup, programming and marking with great software and ergonomic design.
  • Choose from stand-alone, desktop, portable or integrated lasers systems. We can tailor solutions and can help you implement them into your already automated production line.
  • Brimming with cutting-edge features for the best experience whilst maintaining unparalleled speed & quality marks.

To complement the above, all our lasers come with a comprehensive, 3-year, parts & labour warranty. We can even offer lease or rental options…

Automotive Marking & Coding Printers

To compliment our laser systems we also provide a range of CIJ (Continuous Ink Jet) and TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) printers.

We understand that coding environments can sometimes be very harsh. Water, temperature changes and dust can affect the reliability of any coder, this is why we offer IP65-rated stainless steel enclosures to ensure the minimum of downtime on your line.

Enjoy minimum downtime, ease-of-use, lower your operator errors and maximize productivity.

Get a Sample Mark free of charge

If you would like to see an example, feel free to send a sample component, or come and visit us to see a laser system or CIJ printer live in use. Alternatively, we can send a member of our team to come and visit you to assess your requirements and setup a test sample.