Crystal & Glass Laser Etching

Crystal & Glass Laser Etching

Crystal or glass laser etching with a CO2 based system can produce a “frosted” effect and boasts many advantages compared to typical methods (such as sandblasting).

Although a Fiber, Nd:YAG or a Nd:YVO4 laser can work in theory a lot of customisation would be required and for this reason, it is not generally advised (although some clients have achieved excellent effects with these lasers through different means, such as placing a brass sheet behind the glass). Due to the type of material and wavelength used by YAG or Fiber, they will not directly mark the glass and instead pass straight through it. Therefore, for glass we advise the use of a CO2 laser etching system.

The flexibility of our software coupled with the accuracy & portability of Macsa CO2 lasers make them quite well-suited for different types of glass.

Both crystal and glass can be laser engraved or etched, however various types will of course react differently to a laser. For this reason, we advise you speak to one of our specialist’s and organise a sample for testing, this way we can provide the correct system for your use.

CO2 Lasers offer the benefit of abrasion-resistant, non-contact, permanent laser engraving, where different effects and marks can be accurately etched onto most types of glass. When coupled with our easily configurable software (allowing you to import and visualize your artwork, code or mark), they offer significant gains over conventional methods, making the whole process a lot more consistent and swift.

Laser Etching is for Glass

The Macsa Laser CO2 etching and engraving machines are ideal for laser engraving glass and an awful lot more:

  • Mark Graphics, CAD Files, .AI, Text, codes and pretty much any artwork onto any suitable material with industry-leading accuracy.
  • Super easy setup for programming and marking, with great software and ergonomic design.
  • Brimming with state-of-the-art features for the best possible experience, you will find our systems can maintain unparalleled speed & quality whilst etching glass.

To complement this our lasers are provided with a comprehensive 3-year parts & labour warranty, and we offer finance or rental options if you are looking to spread costs or minimise capital equipment expenditure.

Free Sample Mark
If you would like to see an example mark, we would be happy to create a sample for you. Alternatively, why not come and visit us to see a laser engraver live in use.
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