Laser Engraving Machines for Schools & Universities

Laser Engraving Machines for Schools & Universities

Internationally, universities, colleges and schools are using laser engraving machines for model making, textile design, furniture construction and industrial design. The fantastic range of inspiring design options that these technologies offer are ideal for art, project customisation and industry, so often a laser engraving system is a must within an educational establishment.

Quick, easy-to-use, flexible, accurate and compatible with most design software make our systems a breeze to use, perfect for the classroom and great fun! Our laser engraving machines for schools will help you, your school or university students achieve perfect results time-after-time.

Drafts & graphics can be sent directly to our software and then onto the laser, so tests can be carried out at all stages of the construction process and less costly mistakes are made.

Arguably, the incredible ease and simplicity of our software coupled with the accuracy and adaptable nature of our MOPA fiber lasers make our systems the best on the market today.

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Our systems are naturally suited for laser engraving schools, colleges and universities, being ideal for prototyping and other projects on a wide variety of materials:

  • Our systems feature best-in-class laser engines. This means that both their lifespan extends beyond other lasers on the market, they provide a high peak power, extremely quick processing times whilst granting maximum flexibility.
  • Mark Text, Graphics, Barcodes, 2D, UID, Matrix, QR codes and much more onto any suitable material with industry-leading accuracy.
  • Our software allows you to easily add fonts or graphics (Bitmaps, Jpegs, Vectors, DXF and many other formats)
  • Extra easy setup for programming and marking, with great software and ergonomic design.
  • Choose from desktop, large stand-alone workstations, portable or integrated lasers systems. We will always complete the installation for and provide training for free to help you incorporate them into the classroom.

To complement all the above, our lasers come with a comprehensive, 3-year, parts & labour warranty. Lease or rental options are also available to help you minimize initial outlay…

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