Laser Engraving Plaques & Gifts

Laser Engraving Plaques & Gifts

If you provide engraving, marking and customization services, you presumably would want to allow your customers to realise their ideas quickly and easily. However there is still a need to provide the best possible quality and avoid expensive mistakes.

Laser etching and marking systems can help you achieve these goals, offer more flexibility to your clients and generate more business.

Couple the incredible ease and simplicity of our software with the accuracy and adaptable, compact nature of our fiber lasers and you will find our systems are quite possibly the best on the market today for quick, effective results when customising almost any products.

Fiber lasers offer the benefit of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser engraving onto a multitude of materials, whether it be brass, silver, stainless steel, gold, stone etc. You can mark almost anything accurately, quickly and effectively, from plaques to military memorabilia to tankards, phone cases, usb sticks, trophies, key rings, belt buckles, awards, laser engraving laptops and much more. There is an almost unending list of applications…

Fiber Laser Systems are for Personalising Products

Our laser etching systems are used extensively in the personalised product industry, being used for laser engraving plaques, gifts and a wide variety of other products which typically call for customisation:

  • Our most flexible systems, suitable for almost all metals and plastics, feature MOPA Fiber Laser Engines. This means that both their lifespan extends beyond other lasers on the market and also that they provide a high peak power, extremely quick processing times and grant maximum flexibility.
  • You can mark designs, text, artwork or whatever you require onto any suitable material with market-leading accuracy.
  • Our software allows you to add fonts and graphics in many common formats (Bitmaps, Jpegs, Vectors, DXF, etc), making the entire process exceptionally easy.
  • Whether it be a desktop system, something portable or a stand-alone workstation, we try to cater to all requirements, provide free support, training & installation to help you on your way.

To complement all the above, all our systems are coupled with a comprehensive, 3-year, parts & labour warranty.

Tight budget? No problem, drop us an email, call or see our page on finance and rental options…

Systems for Laser Engraving Gifts & Items

Free Sample Mark
If you would like to see an example mark and see the quality you can provide for your customers, we would be happy to create a sample for you. Alternatively, why not come and visit us to see a laser engraver live in use.
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