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Laser engraving stainless steel

Laser engraving stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most popular metal used for laser engraving. There are many advantages to laser engraving stainless steel. Foremost, stainless steel is incredibly durable, making it the ideal metal choice for laser marking. Manufacturers can engrave or etch detailed markings onto the surface of the metal with the certainty that the metal can withstand the rigours of the engraving or etching process.

Additionally, the anti-corrosive properties of stainless-steel are best suited for the item where contamination may be an issue. The health industry, for example, uses stainless steel in numerous products, such as surgical equipment, worktops and furniture. Manufacturing companies mark their products with serial numbers or barcodes to ensure that they meet a strict level traceability, ensuring that every item is accounted for and can be traced to its original manufacturing source. Manufacturing companies regularly use stainless steel to mark medical equipment because of its anti-corrosive properties and avoid contamination.

Likewise, many other industries use stainless steel for its anti-rust properties and lack of contamination such as the automotive, domestic appliance and catering industries.

The other benefit of laser engraving stainless steel is the speed and efficiency of the marking process. Depending on the type of laser machine used, one can mark complex graphics onto stainless steel in seconds. What’s more, the robustness of the metal ensures that the marking remains clear and legible. Manufacturing companies using a high spec laser can mark thousands of products daily, allowing them to maintain a high level of traceability without compromising on manufacturing speed.

Engraving stainless steel with a fibre Laser machine

Fibre laser engraving machines are most commonly used to engrave metals. Depending on the wattage of the machine, you can achieve different types of marking. Companies would use the laser machine to mark their products for traceability, i.e. serial numbers, barcodes and logos.

In contrast to inkjet marking, engraving your products with a fibre laser enables you to create a permanent mark, which will remain on the product even under demanding conditions. The narrow width of the fibre laser beam allows you to mark your products in intricate detail. In fact, the fibre laser machine marks the metal to within 0.1mm. For this reason, even complex graphics are simple for the machine to mark.

Additionally, the laser machine offers non-contact functionality, which requires no consumables to operate. As a result, fibre laser marking machines are more environmentally friendly than their inkjet counterparts.

Engraving stainless steel with a CO2 Laser machine

CO2 laser machines cannot directly engrave metal because the laser beam recoils from the metal surface. To successfully mark stainless steel, you will require adding a specialist coat such as painted metal or anodised aluminium.

The CO2 laser is not as powerful as a fibre laser; however, it is an excellent option for a light surface engraving most commonly seen on personalised trophy nameplates.

The other benefit of the CO2 laser machine is that it is cheaper to buy than a fibre laser. Therefore, depending on your engraving needs, a CO2 laser may be a good option for you.

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Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements for laser engraving stainless steel. Our team of expert engineers have decades of knowledge in the field and have already helped thousands of customers find the right solution for their business.


  • Only the best: we partner with the world’s leading laser machine manufacturing companies to ensure that you are getting a reliable and effective machine.
  • Latest laser technology: each of fibre and CO2 laser machines use the most advanced technology available on the market.
  • Premium German components: we believe that quality is essential. In fact, you will find that the lifespan of our laser machines extends beyond the industry standard.
  • Intricate accuracy: our high-spec laser machines can mark barcodes, text, graphics, UID, 2D, QR codes and more onto stainless steel with industry-leading precision.
  • Fit any workspace: depending on your available workspace, we provide desktop, integrated, portable, workstation laser systems.
  • Free consultation: our laser engineers and expert sales staff would be delighted to discuss your unique engraving requirements.

Additionally, our entire range of fibre and CO2 laser machines come with a comprehensive warranty for complete peace-of-mind.

Multiple marking styles

Depending on your requirements, you can achieve a variety of marking styles with our range of Fibre and CO2 lasers. For instance, you can burn the steel for standard marking effect. Alternatively, you can create an annealing effect (solid black mark with a level finish), frosting effect (white coloured surface), or a deep engraving result for an embossed effect.

Suggested systems suitable for steel metal engraving

We have a wide selection of systems suitable for engraving stainless steel to meet different size work-spaces and budgets.

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