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Laser Engraving Stone & Slate

Laser Engraving Stone & Slate

Due to the ease-of-use and capability of the software, the accuracy and versatility of fiber lasers, and the processing speed that can be achieved, you will find our systems quite ideal for laser engraving stone.

When granite, slate, marble or any other stone is laser engraved, the type and density of mineral will dictate how the laser will react. It is possible to achieve all kinds of marks and graphics, from shallow etching for plaques and coasters, to deeper engravings for items such as house signs, to the photoengraving often found on headstones.

Stone is a natural and non-contiguous material, so as aforementioned the laser’s reaction is highly dependent on the tone, density and hardness of the mineral. Thankfully, fibre laser marking systems are very flexible and should allow the most accurate and consistent finish possible once properly setup, however due to the diversity of material we advise you speak to one of our specialist’s first and perhaps organise a sample for testing, this way we can be sure that you have the correct system for the task.

Laser Marking Systems are for Stone & Slate

Our laser etching and engraving machines are ideal for laser engraving stone and a great number of other organic materials:

  • We work diligently to ensure our equipment uses the most reliable laser technology. More often than not, you will find the lifespan of our systems supersede other lasers on the market, providing high peak power where needed, extremely quick processing times whilst granting maximum flexibility.
  • You can mark graphics, photo’s, CAD files, .AI, text, codes and almost any other artwork onto suitable materials with industry-leading accuracy.
  • With extremely easy setup, programming and marking becomes a breeze through our great software and the ergonomic design of our systems.
  • Choose from a variety of form factors including desktop, portable, workstation & integrated lasers systems. Alternatively, we can tailor solutions for you, provide training and help you incorporate them into your facility.
  • Brimming with cutting-edge features for the best possible experience, you can maintain consistent, high-quality, hassle-free engravings.

To complement each and every system, benefit from a comprehensive, 3-year, parts & labour warranty. We also offer lease or rental options to help you minimize capital investment.

Free Sample Mark
If you would like to see an example mark, we would be happy to create a sample for you. Alternatively, why not come and visit us to see a laser engraver live in use.
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