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Laser Engraving Tools & Engineering

Laser Engraving Tools & Engineering

The engineering and tooling industries are amongst the biggest areas we provide laser etching and marking equipment into.

Without question; traceability, identification & branding are an integral part of engineering, where many products contain a great multitude of marked components. Lasers offer some distinct advantages over more traditional approaches, without contact a laser can leave an abrasion-resistant, permanent mark on almost any substrate (underlying material) used in tools and engineering equipment. Laser engraving tools offer the speed and flexibility required to meet the most stringent quality control and process certification standards. We can also tailor bespoke solutions, providing the right laser engraving machine for the job at hand.

Our laser engraving tools and systems provide the speed and flexibility required to meet even the most stringent quality control or process certification standards. Surpassing many other systems available in terms of reliability, accuracy, ease-of-use and speed, we can tailor bespoke solutions or provide “off-the-shelf” laser marking systems to suit your needs, ensuring you have the correct machine for the job at hand.

Our main product line use advanced, extremely long-life MOPA fiber laser engines and for this reason, possess a lower overall cost of ownership. Fiber lasers are typically more environmentally friendly due to their low power requirements, they require little or no maintenance and can be easily automated. he ability to mark either serialized or variable data transmitted in real-time makes this the ideal choice for most sectors.

The ability to mark either serialized or variable data through our lasers, quickly, accurately & consistently, transmitted in real-time, make them the ideal choice for identification marks in most sectors.

To help save time and avoid mistakes, drafts can be sent directly to our software and modeled then onto the laser, allowing tests to be carried out at all stages of the construction process.

Used in multiple industries

Our laser systems are used by engineers in a large variety of industries and sectors, including automotive, defence & security, manufacturing, healthcare, environmental and more.

Laser Engraving Systems arefor Tooling & Engineering

Our variety of systems are ideal for tools, tooling and engineering, each system is designed to meet a different purpose, whether it be prototyping and smaller run-off’s, demanding projects or large-scale production:

  • With an extended lifespan, high peak power and extremely quick processing times you can be confident your chosen solution will serve your needs for the years to come.
  • Mark barcodes, 2D, UID, QR codes and much more using a vast library of pre-configured systems onto any suitable material with industry-leading accuracy.
  • Easily import artwork (bitmaps, jpegs, vectors, DXF and many other formats), technical drawings or fonts and model your project before you start marking.
  • Whether you decide on a workstation, desktop, portable or integrated lasers marking system, we will provide training and help you incorporate them into your business.
  • All our systems are brimming with cutting-edge features for the best possible experience, whilst maintaining unparalleled speed & quality.

All laser marking equipment comes with a comprehensive parts & labour warranty.

If you need to lower the initial costs associated with this kind of capital equipment, we have a range of lease and rental options available.

Suggested systems suitable for laser engraving in engineering related industries

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