Laser Etching Anodised Metal

Laser Etching Anodised Metal


Our fibre marking systems come into their own when laser etching anodised metal or painted / coated substrates, from aluminium to titanium. There are a multitude of anodised finishes commercially available, which in turn means a diverse range of different marking and engraving effects that need to be achieved, from dark marking to colour bleaching. With a fiber-based laser engine you can achieve even the finest detail, consistently, reliably and without costly replacement parts. The sheer speed and simplicity of our equipment, from the initial setup of your project to the continual marking of your anodised metal make our laser marking systems quite unique in the marketplace. We have found fibre, vanadate and diode pumped Nd:YAG laser etching systems most effective for marking anodised metal due to the speed and accuracy they offer on the material. Essentially they lend themselves extremely well to laser etching anodised aluminium and many other painted or coated metals. You will find our equipment comfortably stands up to the most demanding industrial environments producing highly durable, forgery-proof, quality marks, time & time again. Partnered with every system is intuitive software to allow you to handle any graphic, code, font or pattern easily. They make it transform an idea, to prototype, or to operate in full-scale production reliably at high-speed.

Our Systems are for Anodised Metals

Naturally suited to most types of anodised, painted or coated metals, our range boasts a wealth of features:

  • Using state-of-the-art laser technology in each system, from the latest MOPA fiber laser engines to Nd:YV04 diode pumped vanadate you will find our MTBF figures, reliability and service intervals go above the norm.
  • A wide range of power options, each laser marking system possesses extremely quick processing times, typically unmatched in the marketplace and ideal for laser etching anodised metal in high volume production environments.
  • Mark any text, graphics, patterns, codes (barcodes, 2D, UID, Matrix, QR) and much more onto any painted or anodized surface, using a massive library of preconfigured intuitive options.
  • Almost child-proof setup for programming and marking, yet still giving total configuration flexibility for advanced operation, so materials can be marked with industry-leading accuracy.
  • Our UK exclusive range features desktop, stand-alone/workstation, portable and integrated lasers systems, so every environment and application is covered. If you need something more bespoke, we can tailor a solution for you, conducting a free expert consultation so you know you have the perfect solution.
  • Brimming with cutting-edge features for the best possible experience, our systems will maintain unparalleled speed & quality marks for years to come.

In addition to the above each system comes with a fully comprehensive 3-year warranty, free training & installation. On a tight budget? Ask about our lease, rental and service options…

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If you would like to see an example mark, we would be happy to create it for you. Alternatively, why not come and visit us to see a system live in use.
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Suitable Systems for Anodised Metals