Electronic Component & PCB Laser Etching

Electronic Component & PCB Laser Etching

Etching and marking codes or other information onto both printed circuit boards (PCB’s) and components is crucial for tracking and general inventory control. Further to this, due to increasing demands for 2D codes and similar in the electronics industry (to meet the EIA 706 electronics standards or equivalent) and the advantages of PCB laser etching, this market sector has grown exponentially.

Laser marking systems can offer significant gains over conventional chemical etching, dot-peen, ink-jet marking, micro-percussion and screen-printing when marking electronic components, as their speed, lack of a need for replacement parts and low power consumption make them ideal for production lines. This is why they are often heavily used in telecommunications, computer, automotive & aerospace component manufacturing sectors.

When laser etching PCB‘s no contact is required, and due to power requirements it is far more environmentally friendly, with no consumables being used. The ability to automatically mark serialised or variable data transmitted in real-time makes our systems the ideal choice for PCB & component manufacturers.

The laser etching process can quickly add complex text and graphics on to a wide variety of electronic components, such as PCB boards, semi-conductor parts, circuit-breakers, moulded plastic housings, printed circuit boards, and more.

In essence, our laser marking systems are ideal within the electronics industry as they are extremely fast, clean, reliable, versatile and low cost.
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We pride ourselves on only providing the best-in-class component & PCB laser etching machines, perfectly designed for anything from light use (see our desktop laser marking systems) to the most demanding environments:

  • Our range of systems feature high powered MOPA Fiber or CO2 laser engines, each designed to be the best in class for its application. We no longer manufacture our own systems, instead, we select and only exclusively supply the best we can find globally.
  • You will find the lifespan of each laser to be greater than most other competitors on the market, in a range of power options our lasers provide high peak, quick processing times and grant maximum flexibility.
  • Easily mark any graphics, text, barcodes, 2D, UID, matrix, QR code and more, quickly with leading accuracy.
  • The range includes stand-alone workstations, desktop systems, portable lasers and high-speed integration equipment for assembly/production lines.
  • Benefit from free consultation, for everything from custom solutions to more standard applications. We will help you implement them into your already automated production line at no additional cost.
  • Brimming with cutting-edge features, your operators will have the best, most efficient experience whilst maintaining unparalleled quality when printing your components.

To complement the above, all our lasers come with a comprehensive, parts & labour warranty, free installation, operator training and more to boot.

For limited quantities, lower budgets or to just reduce the initial expenditure on capital equipment, we provide batch runs, lease and rental options, just see the top menu for more information, or contact us today…

Suggested systems suitable for laser etching on to electronic components

We have a wide range of laser systems suitable for etching onto electronic components. Speak to our friendly sales representatives today to discuss your requirements, budget and available work-space area to find the perfect laser system for you.

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