Laser Marking Plastic

Laser Marking Plastic

We provide an extensive range of systems for etching, engraving and laser marking plastic. Whether you need to mark acrylic, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, Polystyrene, Silicone, Polyamide or another type of plastic, we have suitable machines for identification marks, imagery and far more. The flexibility and speed of our equipment is perfect for accurately laser etching plastic. Common uses include marking backlit switches, fascia’s, control panels or everything else. All commercially used plastics can be marked leaving a highly durable, forgery-proof, quality mark or engraving. Fibre laser marking systems tend to offer the most flexibility when marking plastics, however, we also provide more specialised equipment for higher legibility on less forgiving plastics (such as PVC) at high speed. Of course, all systems can comfortably stand up to the most demanding production environments with consistent results. From highly portable fiber laser systems, such as the N-Lase Desktop, to allow for flexibility in the workplace; to trolley mounted laser marking systems for manoeuvrability, to micro form-factor lasers for integration into tight spaces on production lines, you will find each and every machine provides extremely quick, accurate and consistent marking results. The intuitive softwares provided with our lasers can handle almost any graphic, ID or font/text easily. So you can quickly turn idea to prototype to full-scale production, without limitation and without expensive mistakes.

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We provide systems that are suited to every type of plastic, perfect for prototyping, projects, artwork or demanding production and assembly lines:

  • Systems lasers are best-in-class, utilizing the most advanced technology available, from high-powered MOPA fiber laser engines, to diode pumped Nd:YAG. This means that both their lifespan extends beyond other lasers on the market, and they have extremely quick processing times whilst granting maximum flexibility.
  • Mark text, almost any graphics, barcodes, 2D, UID, matrix, QR codes, engrave around a circumference and much more onto any plastics with industry-leading accuracy.
  • A wide range of form factors including desktop, portable, workstation & integrated lasers systems to fit into your production line.
  • Free consultations to meet more exacting requirements and to engineer bespoke solutions.
  • As you would expect, all our systems are brimming with cutting-edge features for the best possible experience, whilst maintaining unparalleled speed & quality engravings.

In addition, all our lasers come with a fully comprehensive warranty and we boast a range of lease and rental options…

Systems for marking and coding plastics

As plastic components are manufactured throughout many industries, high-speed marking is typically required through an integrated system. We have a great selection of Fiber, Nd:YAG and CO2 based solutions which will suit different types of environments, speeds and spaces.

If it is less about the volume, our desktop and workstation style fiber laser marking systems may offer a better solution.

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