Medical Laser Etching

Medical Laser Etching

Couple the incredible ease and simplicity of our systems and software with the accuracy and hygienic nature of fiber lasers and you will find our systems are quite possibly the best on the market today for use with medical components. Arguably, MOPA Fibre lasers are the most effective systems for medical laser etching titanium and surgical steel. This is due to their accuracy, speed and working lifespan. In the marking process, the surface is heated very quickly to create the colour change, and as the temperature never reaches vaporization point, no material is removed in the process. This, in In the marking process, the surface is heated very quickly to create the colour change, and as the temperature never reaches vaporization point, no material is removed in the process. This, in turn aids bacterial control as scars from machining and/or de-burring are ‘levelled’ into a smoother, grey-coloured surface. The discolouration created takes place at a depth and therefore, is classified as permanent. Referred to as CW marking or annealing, this process provides possibly the highest quality finish to a medical component. Fiber lasers offer the benefit of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser engraving onto most biomedical materials (such as titanium, surgical steel, etc.) making them suitable for a variety of uses be it an implant or a prosthetic. In essence, laser marking systems can offer significant gains over conventional methods, especially within the medical industry.

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Our medical laser etching and engraving machines are perfectly suited to hygienic & quality centric environments:

  • With fiber laser marking systems featuring MOPA engines, Nd:YAG and Nd:YV04 systems that are arguably second-to-none, our laser etching machines are renowned for their reliability, speed, features, flexibility, and quality.
  • Mark Text, Graphics, Barcodes, 2D, UID, Matrix, QR codes and more onto any suitable equipment or component with industry-leading accuracy.
  • Easy setup for programming and marking, with great software and ergonomic design.
  • Choose from stand-alone, desktop, portable & integrated lasers systems which we can install into production environments for you.
  • With each system, we provide free training, installation, and support.
  • Brimming with cutting-edge features, benefit from reliability, unparalleled speed & quality.

To complement all the above, our lasers come with a comprehensive, 3-year, parts & labour warranty. For companies that need to lower the initial cost of capital equipment, we offer finance and rental options, please feel free to drop us a line to find out more.

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