Packaging Printers

Packaging Printers

Suitable for high-speed production lines and even the harshest of environments, our coding printers are used globally by thousands, including many blue-chip manufacturers. The latest range sets a new standard within the coding industry.

Accurate and clear codes printed on boxes, cartons, cases, eggs and other packaging are critical for identification through your supply chain. For high quality inventory control, we offer a range of high and low resolution ink jet printers, whereas we lead the way in versatile, high resolution, low-cost coders.

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There is such a diverse spectrum of packaging environments within the food packaging industry, each have their own demands and their own environmental constrictions. That’s why we provide an ideal system and solution to fit each and every requirement within our range.

All N Series CIJ printers and HSA Jet TIJ printers are exceptionally versatile; if there is a need for use within a wet, cold production line, or in a dusty environment then the IP65 rated N32 might be for you. If you are looking for an efficient low-cost, food-grade printer, then you may want to consider the N32FG for printing onto eggs and other food products.

Reliability throughout the range must and does remain a constant. With extremely high uptime, low-cost of ownership and intuitive usage you can be assured that your company spends more time on operations and less time on printers or issues.

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Suggested systems suitable for packaging printing

We have a wide range of systems suitable for printing onto packaging, our TIJ Printers (Thermal Inkjet) are an exceptionally low cost solution suitable for box coding whereas our own High-Resolution S-Series are built for higher demand.

CIJ Printers (Continuous Inkjet) can print almost all packaging and our own N-Series can obtain very high speeds in the harshest of environments, you will also find more specialised version for printing directly onto food or in UV for security coding.

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