Cheers to our Five Year Partnership

Cheers to our Five Year Partnership

Bevcraft who provide canning solutions to microbreweries established the relationship with Needham Coding five years ago. “We approached Needham Coding when we first started out, at the time Bevcraft was just a very small start-up with limited resources and we needed help to print lot and date information on to our cans,” said Darren. “It was clear from the outset that Needham Coding shared many of the same values as Bevcraft and this is important to us. We can and have always been able to rely on Needham Coding having our backs at every turn.

“Since we first approached Needham Coding we knew the partnership between ourselves and Bob would be one that would last. Since the beginning, we placed our trust in Needham and they have not disappointed. Our First production Run with the printer did not start until around 8pm one evening but Needham Coding were there to offer support and assistance as we got familiar with the process of in line coding. The reliability of the machines has been second to none and every hurdle we faced as a business with relation to a Coding Solution, has been dealt with professionally with competence and a smile.”

Coding Machines are used to print best before dates and batch numbers of cans of packaged beverages. Needham Coding not only supply this machinery but also manufacture inks for their own and similar machines that are relied upon globally. “The inks have to perform in a variety of hostile environments when the canning process takes place. We have worked closely with Bevcraft to ensure our inks and printers exceed the industry standard, which is why they keep coming back to work with us” Said Bob Powles, MD of Needham Coding, He Added “Working with Bevcraft has always been very rewarding and being just a small part of what Darren and Ciaran have built at Bevcraft makes me very proud”.

Needham Coding are leading suppliers of Coding Machines for all industries and well as a manufacturer of third party inks and consumables. Recently Needham Coding also started manufacturing Laser systems that are able to perform a wide range of marking and engraving applications

For more information about how Bevcraft or Needham Coding can help find a solution for your business visit or

Pictured: Darren Fenton of Bevcraft and Bob Powles of Needham Coding on the manufacturing floor in front of an installed N-32 Printer 

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