Comprehensive integration with CodeConnect

The N Series printers offer multiple connection facilities, including USB, RS232, Ethernet and various inputs/outputs. CodeConnect is a powerful feature, enabling integration with most applications.

Simple sharing with a USB

Multiple-printer communication and maintenance is easy to accomplish with CodeConnect. A standard USB can be connected to any N Series printer to move, restore or backup files. Additionally, firmware updates can be completed without the need for PC integration.


Ethernet connection

The CodeConnect Ethernet connection feature allows you to integrate any N Series to your network. This feature eliminates the need to control the printer from the production line physically. Multiple printers can be controlled from your web browser using an easy to use virtual interface.

Inputs/outputs connections

The multiple input/output connections offer extra printing functionality, such as message orientation control, count reset, reverse printing and more. The output connections, which holds a solid-state relay, can trigger alert messages.



A parallel connection of eight inputs provide up to 256 possible message selections for on-the-fly remote message selection. Additional features include, reverse message printing, message orientation, product count reset, and print enable/disable. Programmable outputs, including a solid-state relay provide the ability to communicate warning and system fault conditions.

Protocol communication

The powerful CodeConnect functionality includes an XML command set for increased system control. The feature enables the user to carry out operations such as remote access to setup and message settings, and commands to system operation control.