TruPoint provides the best CIJ print quality.

Premium print quality

With TruePoint technology, the N Series system offers the highest quality printing. The fast processing power and dynamic adjustment capabilities, enable the printer to deliver perfect accuracy. The system has multiple smart sensors, which allow the machine to keep real-time tracking of drop speed, ink temperature and pump pressure.

Code printing
expiry date

Three-speed options for super-fast printing

The N Series system can print fast! The system can print 1500 feet (470 M) of single line text per minute, 600 feet (200M) of two line text per minute, and 300 feet (100M) of three or four lines of text per minute.

More characters with Unicode fonts!

With over 30,000 Unicode characters, the N Series system is genuinely universal. What’s more, you can easily edit the Unicode text and font size using the built-in visual editor. You can expand your horizons and, with just a few clicks, start selling to all parts of the world.

Needham Inks

Wide selection of inks

With our wide range of colors and specialist application inks, the N Series system can print on most applications. The inks are fast drying, and are available in MEK, Acetone and Ethanol blends.