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Powerful, Reliable & Precise Laser Marking Systems

With a wide range of laser systems designed for marking components, parts, products and almost any material in industrial applications, our equipment is renowned for its reliability and speed in a myriad of industries including automotive, aerospace, tooling, electronic, extrusion, food production, jewellery and much more.

Advantages of Laser Marking for Traceability

Laser marking is becoming increasingly popular due to the demand for all products to be fully traceable, meaning all parts and components must have some kind of traceability or batch code applied. The aerospace and automotive industries disputably led this trend by demanding that all engine components be 100% traceable.

Due to the reliability and quality of mark produced by a laser when compared with traditional marking methods, more and more end users are now instructing their suppliers to use laser marking only; this is not only beneficial to the end users but also to the suppliers themselves as laser marking systems are far simpler, quicker and more efficient to operate.

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking can be simply described as the use of a laser to mark an object, component, product or part. Laser marking systems do not involve the use of any consumables such as inks, neither do they include any consumable or replacement parts associated with more traditional methods such as chemical etching and dot-peening; therefore a major benefit of using a laser-based system is the low cost of operation.

Many people describe laser marking equipment in different ways, such as ‘laser etching’, ‘laser engraving’ and ‘laser scribing’; in all honesty, each of the above mean exactly the same thing, they are all a form of laser marking.