Touch screen interface

With touch screen functionality, the N Series printers are a breeze to use! The intuitive user interface uses icons, buttons and alerts to operate the machine, allowing you to get started immediately. A simple single button operation is used to stop/start the printer, as well as alert messages, to notify you of diagnostic or maintenance information.


Easy to use visual editor

Using the “drag and drop” visual editor allows you to effortlessly mock-up your printed message. Whether you use multiple lines of text, barcodes or logos, the visual editor will enable you to edit text easily, change layouts and add graphics.

All the memory storage you will need!

The N Series printers offer a large internal storage capacity, as well as the option of adding external storage devices (i.e. USB stick). The large storage capacity allows you to store thousands of messages. Additionally, the printers include a backup and lost file restoration features.


Universal features

Why limit your target market? With the N Series Printers, you can go global. The printers offer numerous universal features, including multiple languages; Unicode characters; customised keyboard; font editor; and language translation functionality.