February 2018

Third Party CIJ printer servicing

Needham Coding introduces third party servicing for all major CIJ printer brands

In a move aimed at further reinforcing its position as a leading specialist in coding and marking systems, Needham Coding Limited (+44 (0) 1948 661210; www.needham-coding.com) – part of The Needham Group – is now offering third party servicing including spare parts and consumables for all brands of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers. This latest initiative from Sheffield-based Needham Coding, which launched its ‘N’ series of own brand CIJ printers last year, is set to ensure optimum performance of Domino,...

December 2017

laser marking

Dispelling myths about laser marking

Due to their versatility and reliability, as well as increasing regulations about part and product identification for traceability, laser marking systems are now being widely used in a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, military and defence, medical and electronics. However, there is still the perception that laser marking equipment is expensive, complex and dangerous. John Grainger, Needham Coding’s Operations Director addresses each of those myths below. Laser marking is now a cost-effective way to permanently mark components, products or...

August 2017


Aled Ellis, Managing Director at Needham Coding examines the benefits of today’s modern continuous inkjet printers Many of today’s fast moving industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, healthcare, chemical, electronics and automotive, have complicated coding and marking needs. Continuous Inkjet is one of the oldest and most mature printing technologies still in use today yet is still the system of choice where accuracy, speed and flexibility are key requirements. In addition, traceability for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting purposes places...

July 2017

Legibility Tips for Continuous Ink Jet Printing

Bob Powles, Managing Director of Needham Coding Ireland Limited, gives his top tips for ensuring that use-by or best-before information is clear and easy to read. It is imperative that vital use-by or best-before information is clear, easy to read and remains intact for at least as long as the product is on shelf, and while in the consumer’s possession if possible. Depending on the application, the information might also have to adhere to strict legibility standards. With this in mind,...