Video Tutorials

Please find below our selection of laser marking video tutorials to help you navigate the software and aid you with your project.

November 2015

Tutorial 5 – Creating Barcodes, 2D and QR Codes (Minilase Pro SE)

Here we take a look at creating barcodes, 2D and QR codes through the simple shortcuts in the laser marking software. All formats are covered, from default EAN’s, UPC’s, QR’s to datamatrix, simply add the text/code into the required field and the software takes care of the rest. Dimensions, matrix data sizes and so much more are easily applied and defined. Watch the video to find out more…

Tutorial 7 – Fill Settings (Minilase™ Pro SE)

Here we take a good look at the fill settings, filling objects and how to control the fill parameters. The software once again makes the process very easy allowing for offsets, fill types, angles, pen types, line spaces, angles and so much more. Just watch the video to see the laser marking software in action.

Tutorial 8 – Laser Parameters and Materials Library (Minilase Pro SE)

Within the tutorial we have a detailed look at programming laser parameters and installing and using our material library of preset laser parameters. As with all laser marking systems, there are of course 5 primary parameters that affect the result: Loop Count Power Frequency Speed Fill We show how easy it is to setup your system and software to control these elements, and how you can take advantage of our massive library of default material configurations.

June 2015

Tutorial 4 – Importing Vector Graphics (Minilase Pro SE)

In this tutorial we take a look at importing and making use of vector graphics. There are a wide variety of vector formats that can be imported into the system, then very easily edited thereafter prior to starting the marking process. The software on show is bundled with all Tykma laser marking systems.

April 2015

August 2014

April 2014

Tutorial 2 – Saving, Zooming & Selecting

In this tutorial we look at creating new files, saving and opening on the laser marking software. You will also see how the zoom tools work and how to select objects. This  is the software that is used in conjunction with all of the TYKMA systems, you can see our range in full on the laser engraving machines category.