Hitachi Printer Servicing & Repair

Hitachi printer servicing

Genuine alternative to Hitachi CIJ printer servicing…  so why pay more?

Why not book one of our friendly engineers for your Hitachi printer servicing? It is highly recommended to service your printer regularly, ensuring that you get optimal performance from your printer, as well as extending its life-cycle. We want to make the servicing procedure as simple as possible for you. We will try to accommodate your schedule and find a time that your production line is not operational. The engineer will visit your facility at the agreed time and complete the service within 1.5-2 hours (depending on the age and condition of your machine). Needham Coding is dedicated to delivering a first-rate professional service, with workmanship that meets or exceeds OEM standard, and at a cost-saving price.

Our engineers can service the following Hitachi printers:

Hitachi PX

Hitachi RX

Hitachi PH

Hitachi PB

What is included in the service?

Your Hitachi CIJ printer will be inspected by an expert engineer, who will perform a service and system safety check. The engineer will need about 1.5-2 hours to complete the service. The service and safety check will include a print quality check; leakage checks; filter replacements; viscosity ink settings check; full head re-alignment and termination tightness inspection.

Why does my Hitachi printer need a service?

Without regular servicing, your printer is at risk of sudden stoppages, which typically shuts down your entire production line. We find that customers that regularly service their printers benefited from better performance and extended the lifecycle of their machines. Most importantly, however, they reduce the chance of a sudden printer fault, which results in the production line shutting down, and paying a substantial amount in emergency repair bills.


Is your printer faulty? Has your entire production line stopped? If so, we can help. Call us today to arrange a visit by one of our expert engineers to fix your Hitachi CIJ printer. We have a team of friendly engineers who are available year-round to get your production line back on its feet. From simple repairs to emergency visits, we will do our best to arrange a visit at the earliest convenience.