Laser Etching Machines, CIJ Printers & Handheld Marking

With decades of experience installing and supporting installations nationwide, you can be confident that we only select the best for our range of marking systems. Whether you are searching for a laser machine, Handheld Dot-Peen Marker, TIJ or CIJ printer, we have you covered…

Needham Laser Technologies (creators or the N-Lase range) and Macsa Laser equipment is designed to cover an exceptional variety of applications using a myriad of technologies, from Fiber, to Nd:YAG, Nd:YV04 (Vanadate) and co2 laser engines.  Our own robust N Series CIJ printer are engineered to meet the most demanding high-speed applications, as are our N-Lase systems and to compliment the coding range, we boast a versatile and innovative selection of handheld coders for total marking freedom.