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Laser Marking Service

Your Laser Marking Service

In addition to supplying laser systems, we also provide a range of laser etching services. If you require components or parts laser marked, however you cannot justify the investment required to purchase a laser system, we can still help you with our sub-contract laser services.

Laser Engrave Anything


Steel, Aluminium, Carbide, Nickel, Titanium, Cast Iron, Chrome…

Coated Materials

Painted Metal Alloys, Multi-Coated Metals, Backlit Buttons…


Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, PVC, Rubber, Acrylic, Perspex…


Oak, Pine, Walnut, Balsa, Stone, Slate, Glass, Paper…


PCB’s, LED’s, Electronic Components, Switches, Buttons…


Annealing, Colour Frothing, Carbonizing, Deep Engraving, Surface Structuring…


Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Medical, Food Production…


Jewellery, Giftware, Cookware, Components, Glass, Parts…

and more...

We only supply the highest quality laser etching equipment, allowing almost any materials to be marked with graphics, bar-codes, serial numbers and logos, through to safety, legal, branding, tracking and user information on parts and components.

Our laser marking service is extremely simple. Firstly, we ask that you send samples of the component you need marking; this enables us to produce sample marks and return them to you for approval. Upon approval we will send you costings quoted on a per item basis.

With a flexible and accurate approach to your project, decades of experience, trained staff and competitive pricing, we can cater for almost any quantity whilst maintaining the highest of quality.


Get in Touch Today!

With ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 accreditation, we can work on projects for as little as 1 unit, all the way up to 100,000’s.

As you may note from our product range, we only select the most state-of-the-art laser systems worldwide. Being MOPA fibre powered, we are confident that you will not find an alternative system within the UK, or indeed Europe, which would be able to provide you a higher level quality or repeatable reliability as the systems we employ.

If you are happy with our proposal we simply agree a timescale, you send the components to us, we mark them and return within the agreed time-scale; simple as that!