Laser Marking System Rental & Lease

Laser Marking Machines Rental & Lease

With a successful and technologically superior range of laser marking systems, handheld dot-peen machines, TIJ & CIJ printers, here at Needham Coding we provide a variety of rental and lease options to you, alongside training, installation and more. Feel free to contact us today for availability and pricing, and find out what we can do for you…

Laser System Test Drive

Do you have a requirement for a laser marking project? Would you like to “test drive” the equipment? If so, we can travel to your premises and setup a demonstration. If you choose to rent the N-Lase Desktop or Benchtop and then decide to buy, your first month’s payment and security deposit will be applied to the purchase.

If you are looking at a more flexible way to finance your laser system purchase, please contact us today for laser system lease options.


Industrial Printer Rental Programme

Our continuous ink jet (CIJ) rental programme is designed to satisfy those customers that require high quality ink jet printing for seasonal production runs, short-term projects or simply as an alternative to purchasing a new system.