Desktop laser cutting and engraving machine


At a glance

Our desktop CO2 laser machine offers the perfect solution for cutting or engraving on a variety of applications.


With its compact size (850*550*250mm) and sleek appearance, this machine will fit nicely into any office, workshop or studio space.


Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to try out laser technology, a design school wanting to let your students experiment with lasers for their work, or a start-up aiming to speed-up prototyping in-house… this laser machine fits the bill!


If you’re after a machine that can cut or engrave thin (1mm – 3mm) paper, card, wood board, acrylic sheet, leather (and plenty of other non-metallic applications), then you may have found your winner.


Its compact design, easy-to-use software and competitive price point make this desktop laser engraver a brilliant purchase.

Key Features

Integrated compact design

Self-contained unit, with all parts built-in, which offers a plug-and-plug operation.


Wireless WIFI data transmission

WIFI connectivity allows you to quickly send design files to the laser machine for cutting or engraving.


Window and Mac compatible

The software supports both Windows and Mac operation systems.


PC, Tablet and smartphone operation

Whether you are using a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you can start bringing your ideas to life!


Easy-to-use software

The software is intuitive and allows you to start creating with little effort. What’s more, the software supports most popular design file formats such as bmp, jpg, plt, dxf, pdf and more.


Auto image tracing

With its sophisticated auto-tracing functionality and built-in camera, the software is able to capture and identify your paper-drawn creation and automatically trace the design into a ready to cut or engrave file. What’s not to love!


Acrylic: displays, jewellery, indoor and outdoor signage, POS material, toys, architectural model construction, acrylic awards and trophies.


Wood/MDF: decorations, architectural models, gift items, cell phone cover etching, furniture construction, arts and crafts, toys.


Paper/Cardboard: invitations, greeting cards, business cards, arts and crafts, book covers.


Leather: wallets, purses, clothing, shoes, jewellery, promotional products, crafts.

Working area 500*300mm
Laser power 40W
Transmission system Line rail + belt
Feeding method Manual
Graphic format support Bmp, jpg, plt, dxf, pdf, etc.
Working environment Temperature 5°C-40°C Humidity 5%-80%, no condensation
Power 550W
Power demand 110/220V 50/60Hz
Total weight 50Kg
Dimensions 850*550*250mm

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To compliment your system, we provide on-site or in-house operator training, installation and consultation.



3-year fully comprehensive warranty on N-Lase, 2-year on N-SERIES and S-SERIES or 1-year on Macsa and N-Lase Handheld Lasers.

In addition, your appointed service engineer will be on hand through a direct line, and you have free access to over-the-phone technical support through our coding centre in case of emergency.