HBS Workstation


The HBS Workstation features a generous continuous marking field of up to 300mm x 300mm while maintaining a small beam diameter with high energy output. With a substantial work area, it is easy to insert sizeable or complex items through the wide door opening for easy and straightforward marking.


Boasting a motorised Z axis, pilot laser, focus finder, easy-to-use software and an emergency stop function as standard; the HBS Workstation can deliver on almost any marking requirement.

High-quality laser beam


Expansive graphics can be processed in a single cycle without any tiling or stitching, while large trays or fixtures of parts can be marked in minimal cycle time. The technology excels over traditional XY stage systems that require complex programming and high cycle times, due to indexing movements of the XY stage.


Powerful laser source


The 20 – 100 watt MOPA fiber laser source options provide both power and pulse duration control for a variety of industries and applications, including deep engraving of firearms, annealing of medical components, marking assembly parts for traceability, colour change marking on plastics and much more.


The continuous marking field caters for large graphics, trays of parts and applies markings in multiple locations without any indexing or axis movements, while a programmable focal height is standard.


HBS Workstation Software


The HBS Workstation is packaged with an easy-to-use laser software, which includes an abundance of features. Creating text, barcodes, shapes, logos or custom art, can be done in a handful of mouse clicks. Similarly, the software features advanced production options to speed up marking in high-speed, high-demand manufacturing environments, including dynamic date and time values, database integrations, incremental serial number values and more.

Additional information


59″W x 66″L x 80″H


Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical & Engineering, Medical


Large Workspace, Laser Marking Workstation


Approx. 500lbs

Marking Window

610mm x 610mm


1,321W x 914L x 254H


Ytterbium Fiber


1062 /- 3nm


20-100 Watts


Windows 7 Integrated PC w/ Touch Screen Monitor

Available Ports

Diagnostic, Ethernet, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Service, USB


Ethernet, USB




Anodised, Carbide, Electronics, Metals, Plastics

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