N-Lase Designer – Laser Engraving Software

N-Lase Designer – Laser Engraving Software

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The N-Lase Designer laser marking software runs on Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Installing the software is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Once installed, the software automatically detects the laser marking system through the USB connection and you are ready to program…


Laser Engraving Software Made Easy

File creation is simple with N-Lase Designer. Quickly create new projects from almost any graphic format, whether it be a DXF, AI, PLT, Bitmap or JPEG. Drop in fonts for text, barcodes, 2d codes or anything else you can think of there will be a simple way to do it.

Featuring CAD type tools, the N-Lase Designer laser engraving software allows you to draw your own graphics and manipulate complex DXF and PLT files. Easily automate date coding and serialisation with the software’s inherent capabilities. To add more to this, the pre-programmed materials library can take any guess work out of setting up laser marking parameters.


The Best Laser Marking Software?

We would argue that it is. Our specialists have setup 100’s of different systems and software platforms over the years and they have found this software is the easiest to use, definitely the most flexible, the most reliable and more importantly the most powerful. N-Lase Designer Laser Marking Software couples an incredibly user-friendly interface with advanced capability for customisation and external controls.

Control two external axes, such as XY tables, along with focal height adjustment and rotary. You can utilise the discreet I/O, Ethernet or serial communications for external connection with a variety of PLC’s, databases etc.


Bespoke Laser Marking Software Solutions

If the aforementioned is not enough, we can create custom software interfaces from scratch. Totally designed from the ground up to your exacting requirements.

With a custom interface you can enable advanced network data retrieval, detailed photographic part fixture instructions and displays, add user restrictions and custom password protection, or bolt on data entry via barcode scanning and much more.

The custom solutions can handle complex operations and make it easier for all those involved to be more productive, from the operator to the programmer.

If you would like to know more about the software, or require further information and would like a quote for a custom solution, please contact us today for more information.

As a well-established, family-led, customer focused company, with each and every one of our systems you will receive the support and peace-of-mind you would expect.

To compliment your system, we provide on-site or in-house operator training, installation and consultation.



3-year fully comprehensive warranty on N-Lase, 2-year on N-SERIES and S-SERIES or 1-year on Macsa and N-Lase Handheld Lasers.

In addition, your appointed service engineer will be on hand through a direct line, and you have free access to over-the-phone technical support through our coding centre in case of emergency.