Micron MCHP1 ½" – TIJ Printer


Low-cost, small, easy to integrate, the Micron TIJ printer is an ‘out of the box’ unit which is quick off the mark.

Just design your print job on a PC, then transfer it to the Micron via a USB stick. When changing to a new job USB is inserted and job transferred, perfect for repeat print jobs.

The Micron is capable of printing counters, date and time, fixed text, logos / graphics and barcodes, and with its small form factor (just 72mm x 90mm x 112mm), it’s not much bigger than the cartridge, meaning it can be conveniently located where space is a premium.


Great results, time and time again…

The HSAJET® Micron is based upon reliable HP TIJ 2.5 technology, delivering consistent, high-quality, fast printing at exceptional value. The Micron is perfect for printing labels and cartons, whether it be for food or pharmaceuticals.  You can even print horizontally or simply change the position of the printer 90º for printing vertically/down.

Build your print job on a PC using the free MicroDraw software delivered with the printer, transfer it to a USB-key and connect to your Micron printer and you are ready to print. The information can be saved to the internal memory, so you can remove the USB-key.


Built-in sensor

The Micron printer has an internal sensor. If an external sensor is required you can connect this directly to the printer. The sensor distance can be easily selected when designing the print job.


Printing with the Micron

The HSAJET® Micron ½” runs with 1 HP print cartridge allowing a maximum print height of 12.7 mm.

A wide range of inks for each application is available including spot colours, UV inks and fast drying inks. There are parameter settings for each ink, so you can achieve the best performance in all situations.


Prints in 300 x 300 DPI:

  • Graphics
  • Counters
  • Text (alphanumerical)
  • Linear & 2d barcodes (fixed)
  • Date & time (real-time & adjusted)
  • 3 windows true type fonts


Included in the package:

  • Micron controller
  • Inocon bracket for easy mounting
  • AC adaptor with plugs for various countries
  • CD w. PC software & manuals
  • USB-stick
  • Start guide


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