Minilase XL – Desktop Laser Marking Machine

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Minilase XL - Desktop Laser Marking Machine • Product Description

With a very generous workspace and open interior, the Minilase™ XL allows maximum flexibility in a desktop laser marking machine.

Capable of marking all metals, most plastics, painted/coated materials, carbide and more, it is equipped with ergonomic features including a 3-sided pneumatic vertical door, power focal height adjustment and automatic mode for high volume applications.

Featuring MOPA fiber laser technology, marking capabilities are greatly enhanced versus basic q-switched fiber laser systems, and with selectable pulse durations the processing of types of materials and substrates is widened further.

Marking Software makes it easy

Setting up and creating your project is made easy with the MinilaseTM Pro SE software. Mark text, graphics, barcodes, serial and date codes, and more within moments with a pre-configured yet adjustable library of materials. All that you truly need is a computer with a USB to start etching, engraving and marking!

Minilase XL Features & Accessories

Robust, reliable, air cooled and maintenance-free, the Minilase™ XL includes a comprehensive three year warranty as standard.

  • Multi-Waveform laser upgrades
  • Rotary devices for 360 radical part marking
  • Programmable focal height upgrade
  • Fume and dust extraction
  • Focal lenses
  • Component fixtures
  • Laser safety glasses
  • And more

Additional information




Aerospace, Automotive, Jewellery, Mechanical & Engineering, Medical


Ytterbium Fiber


1062 /- 3nm


20W / 50W


2KHz – 20KHz

Available Ports

Diagnostic, USB






Anodised, Carbide, Electronics, Metals, Plastics

Marking Window

140mm x 140mm

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To compliment your system, we provide on-site or in-house operator training, installation and consultation.


3-year fully comprehensive warranty on TYKMA-ELECTROX , 2-year on N-Series and S-Series or 1-year on Macsa Laser.

In addition, your appointed service engineer will be on hand through a direct line, and you have free access to over-the-phone technical support through our coding centre in case of emergency.