Nano – Mini Laser Engraver / Marking System

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Nano - Mini Laser Engraver / Marking System • Product Description

The Macsa NANO is a small, compact and affordable ND:Yag Laser, designed for marking and engraving a range of plastic and metals.

NANO YAG lasers are compact and affordable marking lasers perfect for working with a range of plastic and metal substrates and are used by industrial manufacturers to mark their products.
They have been developed with Macsa’s 20 years’ development experience in partnership with its suppliers, the result is a range of lasers which are smaller and more affordable than many similar products. They are also priced to be competitive with traditional marking technologies.

Easy to install and integrate, the NANO is fully network enabled and equipped with an on-board computer making an external PC if necessary.

Additional information


Integrated, Small/Compact

Marking Window

160mm x 160mm


Dongle, Ethernet


Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical & Engineering, Medical


10 Watts, 20 Watts, 4 Watts, 6 Watts




Anodised, Carbide, Electronics, Metals, Plastics

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