Programmable Z-Axis

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Programmable Z-Axis • Product Description

The Programmable Z Axis works in conjunction with our larger Zetalase™ and Vereo™ systems, allowing a computer controlled focal height.

With just a small amount of settings for the z-axis in your program, you can easily set the laser system to automatically change focus when switching between laser programs.

Designed to work with the Minilase™ Pro SE software, the Programmable Z Axis automatically adjusts the laser focal height as required. To allow your laser program to use the device, simply enter the appropriate Z Axis height value in your laser program, the system will automatically adjust to this focal height prior to marking (training and documentation provided).

Minimize operator setup times when transitioning from one part program to another and simultaneously eliminate any operator errors that can arise when setting up the proper focal height for the laser.

As a well-established, family-led, customer focused company, with each and every one of our systems you will receive the support and peace-of-mind you would expect.

To compliment your system, we provide on-site or in-house operator training, installation and consultation.



3-year fully comprehensive warranty on TYKMA-ELECTROX , 2-year on N-SERIES and S-SERIES or 1-year on Macsa and N-Lase Handheld Lasers.

In addition, your appointed service engineer will be on hand through a direct line, and you have free access to over-the-phone technical support through our coding centre in case of emergency.