S-1000 Controller – High Resolution Inkjet



At a glance

The S-1000 is a modular high resolution inkjet system that allows you to connect up to four S-1000 printers together with a S-1000 controller to suit your application.


Features and benefits
  • Controller has all the operational and editing features of a 6000Plus.
  • Can be sited up to 10 meters from the individual S-1000 print heads.
  • Ideal use when controller access needs to be outside machine guards.
  • Ideal when print heads are in inaccessible position.
  • Photocell input for product detect and motorised shutter can be connected to either controller or any S-1000 Printer.

1000 Printer

Up to 8 lines of text per printer

5 standard text heights:  2mm – 17mm

Up to 10 font styles

Graphics, logos, barcodes and 2D data matrix codes

180dpi print resolution (128 dots/ 17mm)

1000 Controller

Controls up to 4 x 1000 printers

Qwerty key pad with pictorial keys

Large colour graphic screen (WYSIWYG)

Date, time and shift code

Incremental, decremental numbering

Secure editor defined message field with operator prompts

100 message store – expandable

Multi language support (optional foreign keypads)

Password protection

Visual alarm indicator

RS232/485 connectivity


Auto voltage detect

Single phase 90 – 260V, 50 – 60 Hz. 0.5 A

Secure electrical failure mode

Data input/output (optional)

Additional photocell


Check weigher

Bar code scanner message selection

Ethernet wired or wireless


Sealed replaceable ink cartridge (up to 15 million characters)

Oil based inks for porous surfaces

Solvent based inks for non-porous surfaces

Various colours and special application inks

PC software      

Create messages off line

Back up printer stored messages

Input alternative font styles and graphics

Sauven 1000 drawing 1


Sauven 1000 drawing 2


Sauven 1000 drawing 3

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