Sauven 6000Plus Support & Consumables


We provide support, parts and repair for the now discontinued Sauven 6000Plus inkjet printer. Sauven 6000Plus ink and consumables can be purchased through our sister company, Needham Inks. Please use our quick contact buttons below for your enquiry:

Sauven 6000Plus Printer – Overview

Improved product image

High resolution printing combined with the ability to import your own font styles and graphics will enhance your product image. Printing directly onto your cartons, sacks, trays and other porous surfaces will save time and money, eliminating costly pre-printing or expensive labels.

No costly maintenance contracts

The 6000Plus has been designed with minimal components to give maximum reliability. No pumps, no valves, no compressed air and with a single PCB means low maintenance.

Reduced print costs

Printing with micro ink droplets and a sealed ink cartridge gives low cost per print with no ink wastage. Additional cost savings can be obtained using the econo-print type font.

Operator confidence

Unique to this printer, the 6000Plus has the option to select from three different levels of message programming and editing, from very easy and basic to multi functional programming.

Shared Technology

The Sauven 6000Plus carton printer uses the same print head, PCB, key pad and operating software as the Sauven 6000RPlus small character product printer thereby reducing operator training and maintenance inventory.


Easy to use

A large colour graphic screen and WYSIWYG display combined with pictorial action keys makes message editing and programming really easy.


Just switch on and switch off. No start up or shut down procedures required.

Sealed ink cartridge

An integral and replaceable ink cartridge maintains a clean ink system free of contamination.

Compact printer

A fully featured printer with the print head, PCB and ink cartridge contained in a single stainless steel housing with no external add-ons. Easily moveable between production lines.

Proven technology

Uses the same high resolution print head as proven in the original Sauven Codajet 6000 where many thousands have been successfully sold worldwide.

System integration

Integrate to a factory network system or connect to industrial scanners, encoders or other equipment as required.

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