Vereo™ – Fiber Laser Marking System

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Vereo™ - Fiber Laser Marking System • Product Description

The Vereo™ MOPA fiber laser marking System is designed for integration into production, manufacturing and assembly lines. Offering some of the highest reliability figures in the industry today, the Vereo™ is truly unmatched when it comes to high speed marking on a variety of materials. Air-cooled and maintenance free, this system will grant you years of trouble free operation.

The Vereo Smart acts as a standalone system with on-board programs and storage, when networked the Vereo can be operated through any other device without the installation of extra software.

The MOPA fiber engine allows a high peak power, swift processing times, superior application flexibility and a much lower overall energy consumption compared to other fiber laser marking machines.

Vereo™ An Incredibly Compact Laser Marking System

With the latest, most advanced features in the industry, the Vereo™ uses a compact rack mount control unit, and a front mounted operator control panel in touch screen format. Featuring a quick and easy built-in focus finder, and a small form factor laser head, this marking system can be integrated into some of the smallest of spaces.

The whole system is simply connected and controlled through a USB connection to a desktop or laptop. If however it is to operate in a factory environment with fumes and harmful dust, we can provide a specifically tailored micro PC with no moving parts or fans so as it can stand up to the more demanding environment.

As standard, the Vereo™ fiber laser marking system is backed by a fully comprehensive, 3-year warranty.

Vereo™ Features

  • High Performance MOPA Fiber Laser w/Advanced Frequency Range
  • Air-Cooled, Maintenance-Free Energy Efficient Design
  • Compact 17″ Rack-Mount Configuration
  • Front Mounted Touch Screen Control Panel w/Password Protection
  • Integrated Focus Finder
  • USB Communication
  • External Axis Control
  • Available as an OEM Solution or Integrated into Custom Systems
  • Ideal for Marking all Metals, Carbide, Painted/Anodized Materials and Most Plastics
  • Comprehensive 3-Year Warranty

Additional information


Anodised, Carbide, Electronics, Metals, Plastics


Integrated, Small/Compact


Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical & Engineering, Medical, Security


10 Watts, 20 Watts, 30 Watts, 50 Watts

Available Ports

Diagnostic, External Axes, I/O, Service


(Head) 3.81”W x 17.34”L x 4.77”H (Rack) 17”W x 15.75”L x 5.2”H


(Head) 11lbs, (Rack) 50lbs

Marking Window

100mm x 100mm




170ns, Variable


1 – 200kHz, 1-1000kHz

Aiming Beam

(2) Class 2M Red Diode 635nm


Windows XP, 7, 8, Laptop/Desktop (Not Included)





As a well-established, family-led, customer focused company, with each and every one of our systems you will receive the support and peace-of-mind you would expect.

To compliment your system, we provide on-site or in-house operator training, installation and consultation.


3-year fully comprehensive warranty on TYKMA-ELECTROX , 2-year on N-Series and S-Series or 1-year on Macsa Laser.

In addition, your appointed service engineer will be on hand through a direct line, and you have free access to over-the-phone technical support through our coding centre in case of emergency.