X-Series High Resolution Printers



The GraphicJet X-Series features a range of advanced high-resolution inkjet coding printers. Suitable for printing on a wide range of porous (paper, wood, concrete, cardboard) and non-porous (metal, glass, plastics) applications, the X-Series printers offer an excellent low-cost coding and marking solution.


The X-Series range is available in two variations – the X18 and X72.


The GraphicJet X18 is capable of printing at a max height of 18mm at up to 40 meters per minute (185 DPI) and includes a 200 millilitres ink tank capacity.


The GraphicJet X72 has a max print height of 72mm and can print at a speed of 45 meters per minute (180 DPI). The X72 also includes a larger ink tank capacity of 400 millilitres.


Depending on your requirements, the X-Series printers can be set up as a stand-alone unit with a 20” colour touchscreen (external PC not necessary), or easily integrated into the network and controlled remotely. What’s more, the solid machine construction ensures that the printer can withstand harsh environments while maintaining its high print quality.


There are a plethora of features that are conveniently built into the X18 and X72 printers, including a barcode generator, label design system, database integration, Unicode font and multi-language support.


The omnidirectional printing feature gives you even more options in the way that you can integrate the machine into your production line. Whether you want to print in an upright, sideways or inclined position, it is a simple job to set up the print head in your preferred position.


The plug and play solution includes a complete Nicelabel and Bartender integration for quick and easy code printing. The Nicelabel and Bartender software can use be operated from the stand-alone 20” touchscreen, or via a remote terminal.


The GraphiceJet X-Series printers are an excellent out-of-the-box coding solution, offering the highest levels of reliability, minimum maintenance and low-cost per print.

GraphicJet X-Series Specifications

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