CO2 Laser Coding Machines

Compact, fast and easy-to-use, our CO2 laser coding machines are feature-rich and exceptionally reliable.

CO2 laser coding, marking, etching and engraving technology has been around since the 60’s, but it’s come a long way since then. These machines come into their own when etching labels, wood, glass, quartz and crystals, ceramics, fabrics, and most organic materials.

CO2 Laser Etching Systems built for Adaptability

CO2 laser engraving applications

Due to the type of technology used and the life of the components, CO2 lasers are almost always far cheaper than their Nd:Yag, Vanadate and Fiber based companions.

There are a multitude of CO2 laser engraving machines available on the market today, so it can get very confusing, especially when taking into account all the different claims and features.

We provide a range of CO2 laser systems, including our own. They are hassle-free, reliable, easy-to-use, packed with useful features alongside robust, good quality software. Crucially, they are cost-effective.

CO2 laser etching systems tend to be the next logical step from ink jet, dot peen and other labelling systems due to the reduced costs, the Macsa laser range is certainly no exception when it comes to speeding up you processes and lowering your overheads. With some of the fastest line-speeds on the market and a Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) which puts most other systems to shame, you can see why they are our choice and why they are installed in thousands of production environments around the world.