Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Made in the UK, our range of N-Lase fiber laser marking machines bring you performance and reliability without compromise. With great software the marking of text, graphics and variable data is made easy on almost any material.

Of course every machine comes with a fully comprehensive guarantee, backed by our UK and Ireland support network for total peace-of-mind.

Fiber Laser Marking Machines built for Longevity & Flexibility

All marks can be automated to speed up production, and our fiber range come with both touchscreen interfaces (allowing them to work independently without a computer) and a number of interfaces for remote control.

Due to the quality and type of mark produced, our fiber systems are often used in medical and jewellery industries, where precision or hygiene are key.

Another formidable benefit of fiber laser engravers vs. typical ND:Yag or CO2 based marking systems, is the energy consumption. You can achieve much more of an effect for a fraction of the power, this helps bring down your energy costs as well as lowering your impact on the environment.

How does a fiber laser work?

In fiber laser marking, directed light from a laser interacts with a material to produce an extremely precise and high quality, permanent mark on the item. This type of marking system is uses a fiber laser engine, typically a scan head assembly, and the control software (our software allows axis control, an almost unending amount of flexibility in terms of file types and substrate types, and an exceptionally easy-to-use interface).

Due to the wavelength used by a fiber laser engraver, they lend themselves well to amongst the widest range of applications, from all types of metals to plastic. You can achieve deep, clean marks, quickly and effectively. Furthermore, because we employ MOPA fiber engines (no cheap substitutes), the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is exceptional, in fact arguably the very best you will find available today.