Laser Engraving Machines

We are committed to delivering exceptional products which is more than evident in every laser engraving machine. Moreover, the quality and speed of our after-sales support throughout the UK and Ireland, if you should ever need it, truly sets us apart from the rest.

Of course, we believe that you will get much better value for money with us, and that you will not find a range with such a reliable track record.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, our range of laser engraving machines can meet any business needs:

Form Factor: Desktop, Workstation, Handheld, Production Line
Applications: Metals, Plastics, Electronics, Organics, Paper
Laser type: Fiber, CO2, Nd:YAG, Nd:YV04
Marking Area: 100mm x 100mm to 610mm x 610mm

Why not allow us the opportunity to show you and contact us today for a free demonstration or sample.

  • N-LASE Handheld Laser Engraver

    We have multiple portable laser engravers, ideal for quick and easy setup as and where needed. The machines can also be upgraded with a number of accessories, depending the project requirements. Flexible and affordable; the laser engraver machines are perfect for multiple projects.

  • Tykma Vereo™

    Vereo is designed for integration into production and assembly lines. A high-speed, high-performance MOPA Fiber System with an advanced frequency range.

  • Virtus™

    The Tykma Virtus is a Vanadate (Nd:YVO4) based system designed with integration in mind, where long life, reliability, speed and accuracy are second-to-none.

  • Scorpion – High-Volume Integration Laser

    High-precision beam steering technology and standalone capabilities make Scorpion a formidable integration laser, perfect for high-volume production.

Laser Etching Machine Perfection

Our renowned range of systems can engrave a wide range of substrates and are suitable for a plethora of functions. Typical applications include Logos & Graphics, Serial Numbers, Data Matrix Codes, Variable Text, Bar Codes etc. and due to both their accuracy and quality, they are quite ideally suited to a variety of applications such as medical, automotive, jewellery, tooling, prototyping and so much more.

We have laser engraving systems to suit every workspace, including desktop, integrated, portable, small/compact, large and large workstations. We partner with the world's leading laser engraving machine manufacturers, specialising in the marking and traceability industry, to provide you with the best machines available on the market. Built with premium parts, our selection of laser equipment really does give the best level of performance.

In fact, we are so confident in our systems that we pledge to demonstrate the capabilities of all our equipment prior to any installation and follow this with a long-term comprehensive warranty. With a large team of in-house engineers, the Needham Coding customers benefit from our excellent support service to ensure that your production line does not stop.

We would love to hear from you and discuss how our range of laser etching machines can help you take your business to the next level.