Laser Marking Workstations

Our range of fiber-based laser marking workstations are designed to stand-up to the most demanding tasks. Robust and flexible, our workstations can be used without additional equipment and boast massive laser marking work area’s.

Laser Marking Workstations designed for Speed

Ideal for marking metals, plastics, electronic components & many more materials, our laser marking workstations are extremely flexible, easy-to-use and are guaranteed to give you years of trouble free operation.

All of our systems are matched with intuitive software to allow you to handle almost any graphic, ID or font/text easily. Turn idea, to prototype, to full-scale production, without limitation. Because you can fully model within the software, you see the final result without making any expensive mistakes.

Our fibre based workstations tend to be more popular, as these laser systems possess the greatest application flexibility, however we can also provide bespoke systems employing other laser technologies such as YV04 YAG  and CO2 systems.

With N-Lase Workstation you can achieve even the finest detail on the largest of parts, consistently, reliably and without any costly mistakes. The sheer speed and simplicity of the system, from the initial setup of your project, to the continual marking of your material, make them very unique in the marketplace.