Handheld & Portable Engraving Systems

If portability is important to you, you will be happy to find a good portion of our laser engraving machines have been built with flexibility in mind also we have innovative handheld dot-peen equipment and laser engravers to boot! With the ability to be trolley mounted or held in one hand and with extremely quick setup times, you can get your projects marked wherever and whenever needed…

  • HBS Mini Desktop

    HBS Mini Desktop - The low cost and highly portable machine with a high-end specification. Powerful and packed with cutting edge features, the fiber based system will impress you with its capabilities.  
    Laser type Fiber laser
    Applications Metals, plastics, electronics, organics
    Work area 100mm x 100mm
    Laser power 20 Watts - 100Watts

Laser Marking Systems built for Portability

Built to stand up to the bar and deliver quick, accurate marking, our range will allow you to setup and start working in no time at all. With a durable design the systems are perfect for integration into production lines, or can be used as an ultra-portable, standalone units with built in screen monitoring (so no real need to carry around an extra laptop).

Perfect for etching plastics, metals, carbides, painted substrates, components & more, they are both flexible and easy-to-use. Guaranteed to give you years of trouble free operation.

All of our portable laser engravers come with advanced yet intuitive software. You to add almost any graphic, ID or font/text easily, turning your idea, to a 3D model, to prototype, to full-scale production, without limitation and without horrible timescales.