YAG Laser Engravers

We boast a wide range of feature-rich DPSS Vanadate (YVO4) and Nd:YAG laser engravers which are perfectly suited to both light and high speed marking environments.

Marking a wide range of materials including all types of metals, coating layer removal (day/night design), ID market sectors (personalization of cards, IDs and passports) and a multitude of plastics, our YAG laser systems are widely used throughout the UK.

  • Nano

    Ultra-compact, NANO is an ND:Yag system perfect for integration where space is a premium. Ideal for coding / marking plastic, metals and more.
  • D Series

    The D series YAG lasers are powerful, fast industrial lasers designed for marking and engraving a range of plastic and metal substrates.
  • gLaser – PVC & Electronics Laser Marking System

    These high-frequency YAG lasers are designed to mark more challenging substrates such as thermoset resins and deliver better visibility on PVC.

YAG Laser Marking Machines perfect for Industry

If you are looking to source a YAG laser engraving system, then our range has you covered.

Side-by-side, the lifespan of YAG laser engraving machines is less than that of a fiber laser source, however that initial capital equipment cost saving can be significant and the technology is highly effective.

Designed for some of the most complex tasks and difficult environments, both our own and Macsa systems boast amongst the highest speeds, reliability & accuracy vs. price on the market. This, alongside the well-established technology (and brands), the swift setup times, great documentation and our massive support network make it no-brainer.