The Needham Group Ltd. Announces New Commercial Director

The Needham Group Ltd. Announces New Commercial Director

Whitchurch, Shropshire-based company The Needham Group Ltd. announces Hannah Ellis as Commercial Director and newest member of the Executive Board.  The announcement comes at a critical time for The Needham Group as the company has experienced rapid growth through 2019.  Hannah was also appointed as acting Managing Director for Needham Laser Technologies Ltd., a subsidiary of The Needham Group, where she will look to expand the laser marking business both domestically and internationally.  Her focus as Commercial Director is to look holistically at all the group’s various subsidiaries, pinpointing opportunities, and executing initiatives to maximise growth.

“The commercial landscape over the next 12 months is certain to shift as the effects of Brexit become clear,” says Hannah.  “There will definitely be opportunities for growth, but also potential pitfalls.  My goal is to continue The Needham Group’s growth trajectory whilst navigating a shifting market – whether that means looking at our product lines, or pricing strategies.”

David Needham, Chairman of the Board, says Hannah has the right qualities at the right time in the company’s business cycle.  “She drives our business forward,” he says.  “Her passion for each of the companies, and ability to see and act upon synergies is a big strength.  You might not think inkjet machines and laser marking systems have too much in common, other than they both mark surfaces, but you’d be surprised.  It’s also great to introduce our first female director board member.”

Aled Ellis, Managing Director of The Needham Group adds, “We went through a lot of changes in 2019, from launching a new subsidiary to acquiring competitors.  Those changes have already borne fruit, but with Hannah in this new position, we look forward to seeing how much further we can take it in 2020.”

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